High Temperature Sockets
& Ovens/Chambers
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RJI Technical Sales is pleased to announce that we have been
selected as RS Solution's sales representative for the Texas,
Colorado and Arizona regions.  
RS Solutions manufactures products for high temperature (to
450C) testing of integrated circuits.  They provide (1) complete
thermal systems for these high temperature applications (2)  the
components needed for integration into a system at these high
temperatures, (3) and the support services to help during the
design phase, development and after implementation.

Advantages of working with RS Solutions include:  cost
effectiveness, simple and straightforward design and flexible test

Some the key components available from RS Solutions are:

Test sockets rated for these high temperatures of up to 450C
Feed thru hardware for electrical bias
IC Test equipment
Test chambers and ovens for these high temperatures
Services, for both legacy and new equipment