In our support of the test and burn-in segment of the
semiconductor industry we have seen a lot of companies
come and go.   However, Incal Technology has constantly
shown itself as a stable and growing enterprise.   RJI
Technical Sales is happy to have Incal as one of our vendor
partners supporting the test and burn-in segments of the
electronics industry.
Established in the heart of Silicon Valley over twenty years
ago, Incal has progressed from a provider of superior 3rd
party burn-in test products (such as, driver cards), to a
worldwide player in the ever expanding world of
semiconductor testing. This progression accelerated when
the company acquired a sophisticated line of ATE products
from Hewlett-Packard in 1999, opening the door to a new
world of test equipment challenges and opportunities.

RJI Technical Sales is proud to represent Incal's full line to
burn-in family of products - some of which are described
Burn-in Products

The initial thrust of Incal was to enhance the primary hardware
and software components used in burn-in test technology.
The result was the latest development of Inspire(r) software
with I(r) and XP160(r) Drivers which have become a standard
of the semiconductor burn-in industry.

Inspire systems provide computer control of all burn-in
chamber activity, such as temperature, power supplies, oven
status, alarms and "editor" functions.

The XP160 Drivers contain drive and monitor with a range of
0.5volts to 5.5volts and a Max frequency range of 25Mhz. They
provide drive levels in 16 channel increments, at 160
channels. An XP160 Option Module is available for Sine wave
outputs. The Inspire/XP160 combination can be used for
burn-in testing of most semiconductor devices.

Other burn-in products include: "Low Voltage 3 PS Power
Module", for monitoring and regulating over and under
voltages due to "wire loss" Stand alone: REL-Driver Board
Type II and III, with 48 drive channels (for replacement of
Criteria IV, V and VI boards), Rel-Analog Driver Board with 10
analog channels and 16 digital channels for mixed signal
HTOL, LTOL, PTC, and 85/85
systems are now offered on our
software platforms.

INCAL has just introduced the new
generation Driver, called XP-160 and
its Analog Option.(see link in the
Product section)

INCAL has just introduced the new
Inspire XP8160 System.(see link in
the Product section)

INCAL is now representing AccoTest
ATE in Europe and US.(see link in the
ATE Service section).
INCAL Dual Stack BI System
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