WELLS-CTI is a supplier of innovative interconnect solutions,
including a variety of sockets, carriers, clips, contactors and design
services that meet a wide range of IC burn-in, test and thermal
requirements and address both new and old packaging. Founded in
1948, WELLS-CTI is the leading supplier of burn-in devices to the IC
industry and leading worldwide supplier of IC carriers and flatpack
contactors targeted for the Mil/Aero market.

Socket families include BGA, WLCSP, SOIC, QFP, QFN, and various
others.  Contact us 1st for your next application.   

Recent socket applications have been directed specifically toward
the large BGA and LGA applications.  They offer a large molded
housing suitable for applications up to 70 mm square.

In addition, Wells-CTI offers numerous thermal solutions for both
burn-in system use, single test site applications, including
applications for test handlers and Cres test hardware.
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CSI is a leading manufacturer of high performance test sockets used in many
different areas of semiconductor testing. CSI uses quality principals in all
stages of design and manufacturing, which in tandem with our dedication to
customer service, allows us to deliver superior quality products and services.

CSI brings over 15 years of experience, in socket design to our customers. We
have at our disposal a vast data base of existing socket designs. Our
manufacturing facility is equipped with multiple state of the art CNC machine
tools, which are individually connected to a CAD/CAM engineering work
stations. This set up gives our manufacturing engineers extreme flexibility to
create new deigns, and execute old programs with high quality, maximizing
productivity and efficiency.

CSI uses spring probe contacts as the basis for it's socket design. Spring
probe contacts combine long life with superior electrical, and mechanical
performance, which makes them the ideal contacting medium for all facets of
Semiconductor testing. We use five standard spring probes that allow us to
cover all pitches from 0.4mm to 1.27mm and beyond. Our standard spring
probes are rated for 500K insertions, and -1db bandwidth of 5Ghz, with contact
resistance of less than 100mOHM. We also have higher performance contacts
that we use routinely for applications that require this extra performance.  

Contech Solutions also supplies a full range of receptacles (or, socket savers
as some call them) for all of the popular burn-in sockets on the market today.   
They can mate sockets from Yamaichi, Enplas, Loranger, Plastronics, Azimuth,
and many others.