In our support of the test and burn-in segments of this industry
we have recognized the fact that all burn-in boards and DUT
boards must be tester periodically to insure their correct
operation.   Delta-V and Contech Solutions offers products for
this task.   Contact us if you need any technical information
regarding the correct ways to test your valuable burn-in and
test boards.  
T H E  B O S S  I S  B A C K

The industry standard burn-in board and contact
resistor test system is back in production in
Richardson Texas.  Delta V instruments is
manufacturing the BOSS TSE Tester at it’s plant in
Richardson and is now taking orders for new
machines and has repair parts available. Delta V is
also offering upgrade packages for the older DOS
based systems. Contact sales at 469-656-2022 or e-
mail sales@rjisales.com.

  •      Upgrade older DOS testers
  •      New Generation Testers
  •      Parts & Service for all BOSS/TSE Testers

Product information is available from RJI Technical
Sales.  Contact us and we will immediately provide a
PDF presentation outlining the capabilities and
CSI is a global leader in the design and manufacture
of burn-in board Test probes. These probes are
used for testing and qualification of each individual
socket position on any reliability or burn-in board. All
test probes are manufactured to withstand numerous
testing, that monitors continuity of the contact
between the sockets and the PCB.

CSI test probes are engineered with exacting
tolerances for proper fit and ease of operation with
their mating socket. In all cases the test probe
contacts are designed to simulate the IC leads, and
contact the socket just as the device would. CSI test
probes can be custom manufactured for virtually any
socket type regardless of pin count and pitch.

CSI test probes use the highest quality materials
from plastics to probe head contacts, with Precise
and quality driven manufacturing processes to
ensure a quality product. All our probe head
contacts are constructed from fully hardened
Beryllium-Copper, with hard Gold plating to combine
rigidity, low resistance and long life.
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