HAST Solutions specializes in the design and manufacture of
Stitchwired HAST Boards, Stainless Steel Card Cages and
other fixturing used in HAST applications.

Stitchwire technology is the time-proven design for maximum
life duration. With Stitchwire, there is no risk of internal
shorting as found with conventional multi-layer PC boards.

HAST Boards, built using Stitchwire technology,  are often  
less expensive than other designs due to the unique
manufacturing process. There are never any tooling or design
costs associated with new projects.

Boards and Racks are available in a variety of sizes for use
with virtually all of the HAST systems on the market.   Contact
RJI for a listing of the standard configurations.   Custom sizes
are welcome.  

Hast Solutions'  mission is to provide customers with the best
overall solution for long term durability and on-time delivery.
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