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Optical Inspection  
- Optical inspection and image documentation of package-level device failures and

- Non-destructive inspection of wire bond, solder bump, and PCB with image documentation

SEM - Scanning Electron Microscopy  
- Surface analysis and image documentation of samples at magnifications from 250 to 100K.

SAM - Scanning Acoustic Microscopy  
- Non-destructive imaging using ultrasonic waves to detect delamination, voiding, and
features present in a sample.

Emission Microscopy  
- Transistor level detection of photon emissions to locate die level failures.

FIB - Focused Ion Beam*  
- Design repair, probe pad deposition and circuit isolation.

Elemental Analysis*  
- Elemental mapping using backscattered or secondary electron imaging.

Electrical Characterization  
- Curve trace analysis of samples to verify failure mode and isolate failure mechanism.

Electrical Isolation  
- Isolation of failure site using liquid crystal microscopy.

- Decapsulation using acid jet fuming nitric and/or fuming sulfuric acid.

- Layer-by-layer deprocessing to substrate using wet etching and/or dry etching.

- Analysis of the internal structure of samples by utilizing a wide range of polishing
In addition to offering quality capital equipment for failure analysis, RJI Technical Sales has also
contracted with Priority Labs in Dallas, TX, one of the premier failure analysis labs in the Midwest,
to provide contract component analysis and related engineering services.    Here is a brief
description of Priority's capabilities.  
Priority Labs provides the services listed below and many others.  
Please contact RJI Technical Sales if you have any applications where you need
subcontract failure analysis services.  We will be happy to coordinate communications
between you and Priority Labs' personnel.  
13650 TI Blvd. Suite 302
Dallas, TX 75243

Phone: 972-499-4756
Fax: 972-234-2612